New York Natural Heritage Program
Northern Barrens Tiger Beetle
Cicindela patruela patruela Dejean, 1825

Threats [-]
Fire suppression and off-road vehicle use in pine barrens habitat are the two greatest threats to the persistence of nothern barrens tiger beetles. Since the one known occurrence is on protected land, proper management of that site for tiger beetles should allay both threats.

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
Reduce or eliminate detrimental ATV and other motor vehicle use in pine barrens habitats that support, or may support, this species. Restore fire and other natural disturbances that maintain or provide new openings in the beetle's pine barrens habitats.

Research Needs [-]
Research that would increase knowledge of threats to this tiger beetle, as well as helping define preferred habitat in order to guide future monitoring, restoration, and habitat protection efforts is needed. High-quality pine barrens areas on the Shawangunk Ridge should be the highest inventory priority. Nearby rocky summits with pitch pine are also a high priority. Historical locations should be searched, but specimens should be verified and additional location information sought. This tiger beetle is reported to like sandy areas with jack pine and there is a record from Burlington, Vermont (Leonard and Bell, 1999). Given this information, the Clinton County sandstone barrens also warrant searching.