New York Natural Heritage Program
Northern Barrens Tiger Beetle
Cicindela patruela patruela Dejean, 1825

Habitat [-]
In its single known occurrence, the species persists in rocky and sandy sites with pitch pine and scrub oak vegetation. Individuals are most frequently found in sandy or rocky openings and sometimes escape into low vegetation. These locations include natural openings as well as old roads and restoration sites.

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Dwarf pine ridges
    A woodland community dominated by dwarf individuals of pitch pine and black huckleberry, which occurs on flat-topped summits of rocky ridges. The bedrock is a white quartzite conglomerate; soils are very thin, and they are rich in organic matter from litter that has accumulated on the bedrock.
  • Pitch pine-oak-heath rocky summit
    A community that occurs on warm, dry, rocky ridgetops and summits where the bedrock is non-calcareous (such as quartzite, sandstone, or schist), and the soils are more or less acidic. This community is broadly defined and includes examples that may lack pines and are dominated by scrub oak and/or heath shrubs apparently related to fire regime.

Associated Species [-]
  • A Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sexguttata)