New York Natural Heritage Program
American Bumble Bee
Bombus (Thoracobombus) pensylvanicus (De Geer, 1773)

New York State Distribution [-]
The American bumble bee has suffered rapid, recent declines in New York but was once common statewide (Colla et al. 2012). Its decline has been attributed mainly to exotic pathogens and insecticide use, but it also faces other threats (Schweitzer et al. 2012, Cameron et al. 2011). More inventories are needed to determine the full extent of its statewide range, as there is a single museum record from post-2000 in New York from Saratoga County.

Global Distribution [-]
Before 1998, American bumble bee was known from southern Quebec and Ontario west to South Dakota, south to Texas, California, and Mexico and east to Florida. Its more recent range appears to have contracted to a core range in the central U.S. (NatureServe 2015).