New York Natural Heritage Program
Rusty-patched Bumble Bee
Bombus (Bombus) affinis Cresson, 1863

Threats [-]
The primary threat to species in the subgenus Bombus leading to their rapid, recent decline has been attributed to exotic pathogens. Cameron et al. (2011) showed a higher proportion of B. affinis individuals infected by the pathogen Nosema bombi than other bumble bees with stable global populations. In addition, insecticides, habitat loss and fragmentation, are known long-term threats for many bumble bees and research is needed to determine the impact of climate change and the introduction of non-native hymenoptera (Colla and Taylor-Pindar 2011, Schweitzer et al. 2012).

Research Needs [-]
Further research is needed to determine more information on habitat requirements, threats, and climate change effects, insecticide, and non-native bee introduction effects for rusty-patched bumble bee.