New York Natural Heritage Program
Black Rail
Laterallus jamaicensis (Gmelin, 1789)

New York State Distribution [-]
As breeders Black Rails are known only from the south shore of Long Island and have been reported in coastal Westchester County.

Global Distribution [-]
Rangewide Black Rails breed locally in west-central and coastal southwestern California, along the lower Colorado River in California and Arizona, Kansas, along Atlantic coast from New York south to central Florida, Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida, Belize, and South America in western Peru, Chile, and western Argentina (AOU 1998, Eddleman et al. 1994). Recorded in summer (possibly breeding) south to northern Baja California, Veracruz, southern Florida, Cuba and, at least formerly, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica (AOU 1998), though probably extirpated by mongoose in Puerto Rico (Raffaele 1983). There are a few records in Canada but no confirmed breeding. Rangewide nonbreeding locations include the California coast, southeastern California, along Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida, and in Belize and South American breeding areas (AOU 1998).
Best Places to See
• Gilgo State Park (Suffolk County)