New York Natural Heritage Program
Laughing Gull
Leucophaeus atricilla Linnaeus, 1758

Threats [-]
Loss of suitable nesting and foraging habitat due to development, recreation, and erosion; competition with other gull species; and gull control activities as a result of minimizing collision with aircraft, pose the greatest threats to Laughing Gulls (Burger 1996).

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
Work with partners to develop a salt marsh restoration plan including the removal of invasive species such as Phragmites on nesting grounds. Monitor populations and improve on survey methods (Wasilco 2006).Work with the Port Authority to identify and implement less lethal ways of gull control around John F. Kennedy Airport (Burger 1996).

Research Needs [-]
More research is needed regarding life span, mate fidelity, and reproductive success of the Laughing Gull. How long-term gull control programs affect this species is also needed (Burger 1996).