New York Natural Heritage Program
Laughing Gull
Leucophaeus atricilla Linnaeus, 1758

New York State Distribution [-]
In New York, Laughing Gulls are restricted to the saltmarsh islands of Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge along southern Long Island. There are historical records of breeding on the Line Islands in Nassau County (New York Natural Heritage Program 2009).

Global Distribution [-]
Laughing Gulls can be found breeding along the Atlantic Coast from Maine to Florida, along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Mexico, and sporadically along the Gulf of California. The birds also breed on several Caribbean islands including Aruba and the islands of the Bahamas and Lesser Antilles (Burger 1996; Natureserve 2009). Nonbreeding Laughing Gulls can be spotted during the summer around the eastern Great Lakes as well as Baja California (Burger 1996). During the winter months, those that breed in the northern part of the range overwinter from North Carolina south throughout the breeding range. Florida, Mexico, and both coasts of northern South America from Peru to Columbia host the greatest concentrations of wintering Laughing Gulls (Burger 1996; Natureserve 2009).
Best Places to See
• Fire Island National Seashore (Suffolk County)
• Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge (Queens County)