New York Natural Heritage Program
Black Skimmer
Rynchops niger Linnaeus, 1758

New York State Distribution [-]
In New York, Black Skimmers nest on the beaches, dredge spoil islands, and non-barrier and salt marsh islands primarily along the southern coast of Long Island (New York Natural Heritage Program 2009).

Global Distribution [-]
Black skimmers are New World species, meaning they are only found in the western hemisphere. In North America, they breed along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts; from Massachusetts to central Mexico in the east and in isolated areas from southern California to Ecuador in the west. They are year-round residents from the coast of North Carolina to Mexico. Black Skimmers that breed along the northern Atlantic overwinter along the coast from South Carolina to the Gulf coast and occasionally overwinter along the coast of Central and South America. Largest concentrations of wintering Black Skimmers occur in the Everglades of Florida (Gochfeld and Burger 1994; NatureServe 2009).
Best Places to See
• Gardiners Island (Suffolk County)
• Gilgo State Park (Suffolk County)
• Nassau Beach (Nassau County)
• Salt marsh islands of Great South Bay (Suffolk County)
• Salt marsh islands of South Oyster Bay (Nassau County)