New York Natural Heritage Program
Barn Owl
Tyto alba (Scopoli, 1769)

New York State Distribution [-]
Barn Owls are predominantly found in the southern part of New York in Bronx, Kings, Nassau, Queens, Richmond, and Suffolk counties. However, they are occassionally found in other areas of New York excluding mountainous areas and the very northern part of the state.

Global Distribution [-]
In the Americas, Barn Owls are found from southern Canada and the northern United States south to southern South America, Greater Antilles (except Puerto Rico), and Lesser Antilles (AOU 1983, Marti 1992). Population densities vary within this range with low densities at the northern periphery (Marti 1992). Populations in northern North America are partially migratory. Barn Owls have been introduced (1958 and later) in Hawaii and are now on all the main islands (AOU 1983). Barn Owls occur in the Old World from British Isles, southern Russia, and southern Siberia south through Eurasia and Africa to southern Africa, Madagascar, East Indies, and Australia.
Best Places to See
• Jamaica Bay (Kings, Queens Counties)