New York Natural Heritage Program
Antrostomus carolinensis (Gmelin, 1789)

Habitat [-]
Chuck-will's-widows inhabit dry and open pine and oak woods, pine barrens, and barrier beaches on Staten Island and Long Island (Levine 1998, McGowan and Corwin 2008). Where Chuck-will's-widows and Whip-poor-wills co-occur the latter is found in more forested habitat while the Chuck--will's-widows prefer more open habitats (Cooper 1982, Straight and Cooper 2000). One individual on Long Island was heard calling from oak woods with a greenbrier (Smilax sp.) understory. The first NY nest was found on the ground in a grove of Japanese black pines.

Associated Species [-]
  • Whip-Poor-Will (Caprimulgus vociferus)