New York Natural Heritage Program
Golden-winged Warbler
Vermivora chrysoptera (Linnaeus, 1766)

New York State Distribution [-]
Golden-winged Warblers occur in two disjunct populations in New York resulting from the eastward expansion of the great lakes population and the northward expansion of the Appalachian population. Populations are located in northern New York in the St. Lawrence River Valley and in southeastern New York in the Hudson Highlands (McGowan and Corwin 2008). They are absent from Long Island and in areas of high elevation (McGowan and Corwin 2008).

Global Distribution [-]
The breeding range of the Golden-winged Warbler extends from northeastern North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba (Cumming et al. 1998; Buehler et al. 2007; NatureServe 2013) eastward across southern Ontario (Vallender et al. 2009; NatureServe 2013), the Great Lakes region, southern Quebec, New York and New England, and southward following the Appalachian Mountain chain into far northern Georgia (Confer et al. 2011; NatureServe 2013). They previously occurred in the mid-west from Ohio westward through southeastern Iowa (Confer et al. 2011; NatureServe 2013). However, mid-western populations have diminished and many have been extirpated since the 1980s with only a few recent records from Ohio (Peterjohn 2001; Confer et al. 2011). The highest breeding densities now occur in central Minnesota and in adjacent northwestern Wisconsin (Confer et al. 2011). Isolation of the eastern population from the north-central population is expected to continue over the next few decades (Buehler et al. 2007). Their wintering distribution includes central Guatemala and northern Honduras southward to northern Venezuela and western Colombia. They are generally more abundant on the Caribbean than Pacific slope (Confer 1992) and most records are from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, and Venezuela (M. Moreno, pers. comm., cited by Confer et al. 2011).
Best Places to See
• Ft. Drum Militray Installation (Jefferson County)
• Sterling State Forest Park (Orange County)