New York Natural Heritage Program
Henslow's Sparrow
Ammodramus henslowii (Audubon, 1829)

New York State Distribution [-]
In New York State, Henslow's Sparrow populations occur in central and western New York and in a few locations in the Hudson River Valley. Currently, the largest populations are found in Jefferson County. During the first Breeding Bird Atlas (1980-1985), Henslow's sparrows were reported as probable or confirmed breeders in 213 blocks. The Breeding Bird Atlas 2000 reported probable and confirmed breeding in 57 blocks (McGowan and Corwin 2008), indicating a sharp decline in breeding birds. According to Breeding Bird Atlas 2000 data and the New York Natural Heritage Database, Henslow's sparrows are no longer found in the following counties: Broome, Cortland, Delaware, Fulton, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Otsego, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, St. Lawrence, Tioga, and Wayne (McGowan and Corwin 2008, New York Natural Heritage Program 2005).

Global Distribution [-]
Breeding: Henslow's Sparrows breed locally from southeastern South Dakota (at least formerly), across the Great Lakes region of the eastern U.S. (southeastern Minnesota, north-central Wisconsin, northern Michigan) and southern Canada (southern Ontario, formerly southern Quebec) to New England and New York, south to central Kansas, northeastern Oklahoma, southwestern and central Missouri, southern Illinois, northern Kentucky, central West Virginia, eastern Virginia, northern Tennessee, and central and eastern North Carolina. Formerly the breeding range included eastern Texas. Non-breeding: Outside of the beeding season Henslow's Sparrows are found in coastal states from South Carolina south to Florida, west to Texas, casually north to Illinois, Indiana, New England, and Nova Scotia (Smith 1992 cited in NatureServe 2005, AOU 1998 cited in NatureServe 2005).
Best Places to See
• Dog Hill Road near Perch River Wildlife Management Area (Jefferson County)