New York Natural Heritage Program
Northern Brook Lamprey
Ichthyomyzon fossor Reighard and Cummins, 1916

New York State Distribution [-]
Northern brook lampreys are known from 3 creeks in western New York and 7 brooks, creeks, and small rivers in northern New York. The western creeks are located in Erie County and are part of the Lake Erie watershed. The northern waterbodies are located in Clinton, Franklin, and St. Lawrence Counties and are part of the Lake Champlain and St. Lawrence River watersheds (New York Natural Heritage Program 2008).

Global Distribution [-]
Populations of northern brook lampreys are found from the St. Lawrence River, Quebec, west through the Great Lakes and northern Mississippi River basins to the Red River (Hudson Baybasin), southern Manitoba. Populations are localized in the Ohio River basin of northwestern Pennsylvania, western West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, northern and south-central Ohio, and northern Indiana. Disjunct populations occur in the Missouri River basin and Ozark Uplands, Missouri (Pflieger 1997). It is locally common (Page and Burr 1991). Within its range, New York is peripheral and disjunct (Carlson 2001). One population is known in Vermont, in the Lake Champlain basin (Kert et al. 2005). Recently the species was found in Iowa (Gelwicks et al. 2002).
Best Places to See
• Redwater Brook (St. Lawrence County)