New York Natural Heritage Program
Atlantic Sturgeon
Acipenser oxyrinchus Mitchill, 1815
Ray-finned Fishes

New York State Distribution [-]
The range includes the tidal portion of the Hudson River to the dam at Troy.

Global Distribution [-]
The Atlantic surgeon ranges along the Atlantic coast and major estuarine drainages from Labrador, Canada to northeastern Florida (at least formerly). When not spawning, they spend most of their adult life in salt or brackish water in the Atlantic Ocean from the Hamilton River, and George River, Ungava Bay, Labrador, south to St. Johns River, Florida, and ranging south in winter to Port Canaveral and Hutchinson Island, Florida. Spawning areas and juvenile fish are found in large coastal rivers and estuaries such as the fresh and brackish waters of the St. Lawrence River, Canada; Gulf of Maine; Hudson River, New York; Delaware River, Pennsylvania; Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay, Maryland; Delaware Bay, Potomac, Rappahannock, York, and James River estuaries, Virginia; Roanoke River, North Carolina; Edisto, Pee Dee, Savannah, Ashepoo, Cooper, Congaree, Santee, Sanpit, Winyah and Waccamaw Rivers, South Carolina; and St. Mary's River, Georgia (Gilbert 1989, Collins and Smith 1997). They may currently occur in Florida only as a winter resident (Hipes 1996). Little is known of the spawning grounds in Canadian waters (Marine and Coastal Species Information System 1996).