New York Natural Heritage Program
Blackchin Shiner
Notropis heterodon (Cope, 1865)
Ray-finned Fishes

Threats [-]
Possible threats include fluctuating water levels and habitat loss due to increased siltation (Smith 1985; Carlson 1998, 2005). A better understanding of the life history and ecological requirements of the blackchin shiner is needed.

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
Survey inland lakes and resurvey historical locations to better determine the status of the blackchin shiner in New York and continue to monitor current populations for changes in abundance (Carlson 1998, 2005).

Research Needs [-]
More information is needed regarding life history, behavior, habitat, and ecological requirements of the blackchin shiner, and the reasons why this species is declining or absent from the southern watersheds of New York (Carlson 1998, 2005).