New York Natural Heritage Program
Atlantic Silverside
Menidia menidia (Linnaeus, 1766)
Ray-finned Fishes

New York State Distribution [-]
The range includes fresh, brackish, and salt water marshes in the lower Hudson River and tributaries of Long Island Sound, although this species may be less inclined to enter fresh water than the inland silverside (Menidia beryllina) (Smith 1985). Atlantic silversides migrate out to deeper waters during the winter (Fay et al.1983).

Global Distribution [-]
Atlantic silversides can be found along the Atlantic coast from the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada to northeastern Florida (Smith 1985).
Best Places to See
• Hudson River tidal marshes in lower Putnam County (Putnam County)
• Various creeks emptying into the Shelter Island Sound (Suffolk County)