New York Natural Heritage Program
Banded Sunfish
Enneacanthus obesus (Girard, 1854)
Ray-finned Fishes

Habitat [-]
Banded sunfish inhabit darkly stained and sluggish waterbodies including ponds, lakes, backwaters of streams and rivers, and bogs with abundant vegetation and substrates consisting of sand and mud (Smith 1985; Carlson 1998, NatureServe 2010).

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Coastal plain pond
    The aquatic community of the permanently flooded portion of a coastal plain pond with seasonally, and annually fluctuating water levels. These are shallow, groundwater-fed ponds that occur in kettle-holes or shallow depressions in the outwash plains south of the terminal moraines of Long Island, and New England. A series of coastal plain ponds are often hydrologically connected, either by groundwater, or sometimes by surface flow in a small coastal plain stream.
  • Coastal plain stream
    The aquatic community of slow-moving, often darkly-stained streams of the coastal plain of Long Island.

Associated Species [-]
  • Bluespotted Sunfish (Enneacanthus gloriosus)
  • Swamp Darter (Etheostoma fusiforme)