New York Natural Heritage Program
Northern Sunfish
Lepomis peltastes Cope, 1870
Ray-finned Fishes

New York State Distribution [-]
The northern sunfish‘s distribution in New York State is highly restricted. It is currently known only from an introduced population in Cayuga Creek in southern Niagara County and a native population inhabiting a 6 km a segment of Tonawanda Creek in Niagara and Erie counties (Carlson 2012).  Two records of northern sunfish were also found at a historically known area of Johnson Creek in Orleans County. It is unclear whether these represent a population or were incidental. Historically they were found in the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario watersheds in western New York.

Global Distribution [-]
The northern sunfish is restricted in range to certain large streams in the northern parts of east-central North America. Its range includes southern Quebec and Ontario, the great lakes region (including Western New York), and the Mississippi River drainage.
Best Places to See
• Tonawanda Creek (Niagara County)