New York Natural Heritage Program
Eastern Sand Darter
Ammocrypta pellucida (Agassiz, 1863)
Ray-finned Fishes

New York State Distribution [-]
In New York, eastern sand darters can be found in the St. Lawrence River and Lake Champlain drainages and in shallow waters of Lake Erie. Historically they have been documented in Cattaraugus, Cazenovia, Conewango, and Stillwater Creeks in western New York (Carlson 2005).

Global Distribution [-]
The eastern sand darter can be found east of the Mississippi River, in the rivers and streams of western Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, northern Kentucky, western West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, and in the shallow shores of Lake St. Clair, the southern end of Lake Huron, and the southern shore of Lake Erie from Ohio to New York. There is a disjunct population in northern New York and southern Quebec in the Lake Champlain drainage and along the New York and Vermont border in the St. Lawrence River drainage (Lee et al. 1980; Smith 1985; Paige and Burr 1991).
Best Places to See
• Conewango Creek (Chautauqua County)
• Grass River (St. Lawrence County)
• Lake Erie shores (Erie County)
• Mettawee River (Washington County)
• Poultney River (Washington County)
• Salmon River (Franklin County)
• St Regis-Deer River (St. Lawrence County)
• Stillwater Creek (Chautauqua County)