New York Natural Heritage Program
Bluebreast Darter
Etheostoma camurum (Cope, 1870)
Ray-finned Fishes

New York State Distribution [-]
Bluebreast darters are known from two waters in the Allegheny watershed: Allegheny River and Oswayo Creek.

Global Distribution [-]
Bluebreast darters are found in the Ohio River basin from the Tennessee and Cumberland drainages in Tennessee, western Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama, to the Vermillion River in eastern Illinois and Tippecanoe River in Indiana, east to the Kanawha and Monongahela rivers in West Virginia and upper Allegheny River in Pennsylvania and western New York (Lee et al. 1980, Mettee et al. 1996, Page and Burr 2011). This species is absent from most rivers within this range (Page and Burr 2011).
Best Places to See
• Allegheny River (Cattaraugus County)