New York Natural Heritage Program
Hoary Bat
Lasiurus cinereus (Beauvois, 1796)

New York State Distribution [-]
Hoary bats may be found throughout New York. A model of the distribution of hoary bats in New York predicts them with highest probabilities in the Adirondacks, Tug Hill plateau, Allegheny plateau, and the greater Sodus Bay area (NYNHP unpub. data).

Global Distribution [-]
Hoary bats are the most widespread bat species found in the U.S. and the Hawaiian subspecies, Lasiurus cinereus semotus, is notably the only terrestrial mammal native to Hawaii. They are found throughout most of North America, from Canada through Mexico to Guatemala; also western South America (Colombia and Venezuela to central Chile, Uruguay, and central Argentina), Hawaii, Galapagos, Bermuda, and (accidently) other islands (NatureServe 2013). This species is rare or absent in most of the southeastern United States and in deserts of the Southwest (NatureServe 2013). Wintering areas for northern breeders include the southeastern United States, southern California, and northern Mexico (NatureServe 2013). There does not appear to be evidence of widespread movements between North America and South America (Cryan 2003). There is some evidence that summer distributions may be skewed or segregated by gender with females being more common in the eastern part of North America and males in the mountainous western regions (Cryan 2003).