New York Natural Heritage Program
Eastern Wormsnake
Carphophis amoenus (Say, 1825)

New York State Distribution [-]
This species is currently known from eight of 57 counties, although the range within these counties is likely to be restricted. The range includes Long Island, the lower Hudson Valley, including the Hudson Highlands east and west of the Hudson River, and the Albany Pine Bush.

Global Distribution [-]
The global range extends from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, southeastern New York and Massachusetts, south to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, west to the Mississippi River and just west of the Mississippi in the vicinity of eastern Arkansas, and east to the Atlantic coast. There is an old record from west-central Florida (Ernst et al. 2003). The elevational range extends to at least 1,311 meters (4,300 feet) in North Carolina (Palmer and Braswell 1995).