New York Natural Heritage Program
Mottled Duskywing
Erynnis martialis (Scudder, [1870])

Threats [-]
This butterfly's foodplant, New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus), is a favored food by deer. Deer are known to have eliminated populations of this species in other states (e.g., Pennsylvania) and they could be a major factor in the collapse of this skipper in the east, although there have been others such as successional changes. Impacts from deer would be by far be the most likely explanation for any decline in the Albany area.

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
Management needs include controlling deer browsing on the foodplant, which will usually require reducing deer numbers. Preserves that do not allow hunting and do not manage deer numbers effectively should not be considered protected occurrences for this skipper.

Research Needs [-]
Research needs include determining the population (metapopulation) dynamics. Systematic gathering of data on this species is necessary.