New York Natural Heritage Program
Hessel's Hairstreak
Callophrys hesseli (Rawson and Ziegler, 1950)

Habitat [-]
This species occurs exclusively in coastal and inland Atlantic White Cedar swamps. Sunny glades with flowers within the swamp are favored locations. Adults stray at times up to 1/2 mile to nearby flowers (NatureServe 2009).

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Coastal plain Atlantic white cedar swamp
    A swamp that occurs on organic soils along streams and in poorly drained depressions of the coastal plain. Atlantic white cedar makes up over 50% of the canopy cover. In mixed stands in New York, red maple is the codominant tree.
  • Inland Atlantic white cedar swamp*
    A swamp that occurs on organic soils (usually peat) in poorly drained depressions and along pond edges in southeastern New York and northern New Jersey. The characteristic tree is Atlantic white cedar. In mixed stands the codominants are typically red maple, black gum, and eastern hemlock.

    * probable association but not confirmed

Associated Species [-]
  • Lemmer's Noctuid Moth (Lithophane lemmeri)