New York Natural Heritage Program
Henry's Elfin
Callophrys henrici (Grote and Robinson, 1867)

Threats [-]
Beside habitat loss, Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) spraying is a potential threat, but the severity cannot be assessed. Prescribed burning is also a potential threat because the foodplant is unknown, which makes it impossible to design prescribed burns appropriately for this species, leaving survival in locations such as the Albany Pine Bush largely to chance. Survival of pupae in the leaf litter during fire is unlikely. It is also possible that lack of fire could threaten the habitat. Mosquito and blackfly spraying spraying in wetlands could threaten bog or swamp populations of this species.

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
The management needs are unknown at this time since foodplant is unknown and the habitat requirements are unclear in New York. It is known that the pupae reside in the leaf litter and are vulnerable to fires.

Research Needs [-]
The primary research need is to learn the foodplants and habitats in New York in order to effectively inventory this species. Also if new populations are found they should be vouchered with a few actual specimens given the possibility of taxonomic issues, and likely foodplants noted.