New York Natural Heritage Program
Henry's Elfin
Callophrys henrici (Grote and Robinson, 1867)

New York State Distribution [-]
The range in New York is not well understood. Henry's Elfin has been found mainly in the Albany area, but there are a few other records from Tompkins to Westchester Counties. Glassberg (1993) indicates there are no recent records from the New York City area. With the habitat unknown and elfin collectors concentrating on the wrong habitats in the past, this butterfly could be widely overlooked. Considering that Henry's Elfin is widespread in other regions occurring with evergreen hollies from Sandy Hook, New Jersey south into Florida, it is expected to to occur with American Holly (Ilex opaca) on Long Island. Similarly the species occurs widely in the St. Lawrence region of Canada and should turn up in northern New York. Henry's Elfin will probably eventually become more widespread in New York, as it has in both Massachusetts and Ontario as Buckthorn (Rhamnus spp.) feeding strains spread.

Global Distribution [-]
The primary range is coastal New England to Florida west to southern Iowa, much of Texas, and barely into New Mexico. Populations also occur in the Great Lakes region and in southern Canada, but the species seems to be absent from most parts of New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, and in much of the Midwest.