New York Natural Heritage Program
White-m Hairstreak
Parrhasius m-album (Boisduval and Le Conte, [1833]) (1793)

Threats [-]
Because this species seems to be expanding in New York, threats are unclear. In general, urbanization, habitat loss and insecticide spraying can threaten butterfly populations in metropolitan New York City (Matteson and Roberts 2010).

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
In general, management strategies for ruderal insects of heavily urbanized areas are not relevant (NatureServe 2009). Nevertheless, Matteson and Roberts (2010) suggested three conservation strategies for butterflies of metropolitan New York: 1) locate and promote conservation of early-successional habitats such as pine-oak barrens, wet meadows and serpentine and calcareous grasslands; 2) assess the status of host plants; and 3) population monitoring.

Research Needs [-]
Very little is known of the biology and life history of this hairstreak, especially in the northern part of its range. Mechanisms of range expansion and population dynamics have not been addressed.