New York Natural Heritage Program
Tawny Emperor
Asterocampa clyton (Boisduval and Le Conte, [1835])

New York State Distribution [-]
This species has been found in the southern counties as far north as Tompkins County. It turns up most often in the southeastern Hudson Valley counties near New York City, including Long Island. This species can be reliably seen in some places (Shapiro 1974, Glassberg 1993) and is almost certainly a permanent resident in southeastern New York, although individual colonies can be transient. Its status is uncertain elsewhere. The range could expand with a warming climate.

Global Distribution [-]
As the species is now defined, it occupies most of the range of the eastern hackberries (Celtis spp.), from Connecticut to southern Minnesota south through most of Florida and Texas and well into Mexico, west through northern Mexico and southeastern Arizona (Brock and Kaufman 2003).