New York Natural Heritage Program
Jack Pine Looper
Macaria marmorata (Ferguson, 1972)
Kingdom: Animalia

      Phylum: Mandibulates (Mandibulata)

           Class: Insects (Insecta)

                Order: Butterflies, Skippers, and Moths (Lepidoptera)

                     Family: Loopers, Span Worms, Inch Worms, Geometer Moths (Geometridae)

Synonyms [-]
  • Semiothisa banksianae Ferguson, 1974

Comments on the Classification [-]
The natureserve website lists this species as Macaria banksianae. Douglas Ferguson worte a monograph before his death on Geometridae that was recently published. This species should belong to the genus Macaria and banksianae was first proposed as the new species name by Ferguson, however, he later determined there wasn't a new species so the name Macaria marmorata stands. NY moth expert Tim McCabe brought the taxonomic name changes to my attention. He verified the name after receiving Fergusons monograph on Geometridae.