New York Natural Heritage Program
Blueberry Gray
Glena cognataria (Hübner, 1831)
Blueberry Gray Canadian Biodiversity Research Facility (CBIF)
Family: Loopers, Span Worms, Inch Worms, Geometer Moths (Geometridae)

State Protection: Not Listed
The species is not listed or protected by New York State.

Federal Protection: Not Listed

State Rarity Rank: S1S3
A State Rarity Rank of S1S3 means: Critically Imperiled, Imperiled, or Vulnerable in New York -- Conservation status is uncertain, and could range from especially vulnerable to disappearing from New York, to vulnerable to becoming imperiled in New York, due to rarity or other factors. More information is needed to assign a single conservation status.

Global Rarity Rank: G4
A Global Rarity Rank of G4 means: Apparently secure globally, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.

Did you know?
The status of the blueberry gray is poorly known in New York. This species was historically widespread on Long Island and may still occur in unknown locations there.

State Ranking Justification [-]
The current status is poorly known for New York. This species should turn up more widely than recent specimens known to the New York Natural Heritage Program indicate, both on ridges in the southeastern counties and on Long Island.

Short-term Trends [-]

Long-term Trends [-]