New York Natural Heritage Program
Blueberry Gray
Glena cognataria (Hübner, 1831)

Habitat [-]
This is a species of heathlands, including bogs and pine barrens. A key habitat feature is extensive areas of Lowbush Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium and Vaccinium pallidum).

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Chestnut oak forest
    A hardwood forest that occurs on well-drained sites in glaciated portions of the Appalachians, and on the coastal plain. This forest is similar to the Allegheny oak forest; it is distinguished by fewer canopy dominants and a less diverse shrublayer and groundlayer flora. Dominant trees are typically chestnut oak and red oak.
  • Pitch pine-oak-heath rocky summit
    A community that occurs on warm, dry, rocky ridgetops and summits where the bedrock is non-calcareous (such as quartzite, sandstone, or schist), and the soils are more or less acidic. This community is broadly defined and includes examples that may lack pines and are dominated by scrub oak and/or heath shrubs apparently related to fire regime.