New York Natural Heritage Program
Broad-lined Catopyrrha
Erastria coloraria (Fabricius, 1798)
Kingdom: Animalia

      Phylum: Mandibulates (Mandibulata)

           Class: Insects (Insecta)

                Order: Butterflies, Skippers, and Moths (Lepidoptera)

                     Family: Loopers, Span Worms, Inch Worms, Geometer Moths (Geometridae)

Synonyms [-]
  • Catopyrrha coloraria Hübner, 1823

Comments on the Classification [-]
This species has gone by other generic names especially Catopyrrha. McGuffin, in the Geometridae of Canada, used the species name Cruentaria, which all other authors have applied to a more common southern species. The name Erastria was misapplied to a group of Noctuidae for decades and that is the more familiar usage.