New York Natural Heritage Program
Melsheimer's Sack Bearer
Cicinnus melsheimeri (Harris, 1841)

Habitat [-]
In New York, Melsheimer's Sack Bearer is found exclusively in the dwarf pine barrens of Long Island. This species is found in areas that are dominated by dwarf pitch pine and scrub oak. Its preferred food source is the scrub oak. The larva makes a leaf shelter for itself and moves it as it feeds on leaves. This species has a very small impact on the health of its host trees.

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Dwarf pine plains
    A woodland community dominated by dwarf individuals of pitch pine and scrub oak that occurs on nearly level outwash sand and gravel plains in eastern Long Island. The soils are infertile, coarse textured sands that are excessively well-drained.

Associated Species [-]
  • Toothed Apharetra (Apharetra dentata)
  • Herodias Underwing (Catocala herodias)
  • Jair Underwing (Catocala jair)
  • Packard's Lichen Moth (Cisthene packardii)
  • Projecta Gray (Cleora projecta)
  • A Geometrid Moth (Euchlaena madusaria)
  • A Noctuid Moth (Eucoptocnemis fimbriaris)
  • Violet Dart (Euxoa violaris)
  • Coastal Barrens Buckmoth (Hemileuca maia ssp 5)