New York Natural Heritage Program
Coastal Barrens Buckmoth
Hemileuca maia ssp. 5

Habitat [-]
The Coastal Barrens Buckmoth is restricted to pitch pine-scrub oak barrens, including the Long Island Dwarf Pine Plains, on deep dry sands. It is also found on portions of the Nantucket heathlands with a lot of scrub oak. It is tolerant of either sparse canopy or no canopy (NatureServe 2010).

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Dwarf pine plains
    A woodland community dominated by dwarf individuals of pitch pine and scrub oak that occurs on nearly level outwash sand and gravel plains in eastern Long Island. The soils are infertile, coarse textured sands that are excessively well-drained.
  • Pitch pine-oak-heath woodland
    A pine barrens community that occurs on well-drained, infertile, sandy soils. The structure of this community is intermediate between a shrub-savanna and a woodland. Pitch pine and white oak are the most abundant trees.
  • Pitch pine-scrub oak barrens
    A shrub-savanna community that occurs on well-drained, sandy soils that have developed on sand dunes, glacial till, and outwash plains.