New York Natural Heritage Program
A Hand-maid Moth
Datana ranaeceps (Guérin-Méneville, 1844)

New York State Distribution [-]
The species is probably confined to Long Island and vicinity, but there is an old specimen from "Bear Mountains."

Global Distribution [-]
This is primarily a species of coastal plain pinelands of Long Island, New York, southern New Jersey, and southeastern Virginia to Florida, but Forbes (1948) also reports Arkansas and Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. The USDA Plant Profile for the foodplant shows it absent on most of the Gulf Coast but present widely in Arkansas and more spottily in neighboring states. There is very little habitat in Maryland or Delaware and so far the species is not confirmed for Georgia. Unless there is an unrecognized species involved, the species also occurs in the mountains since recent single specimens from Montgomery County, Virginia (DFS) and Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania (Betsy Ray, PNDI, determination by Dale F. Schweitzer) could be no other known species (NatureServe 2010). Wagner (2005) reports that the species distribution extends from Pennsylvania to Long Island, south along the Coastal Plain and southern Appalachians to eastern Texas.
Best Places to See
• Meadowbrook County Park (Nassau County)