New York Natural Heritage Program
A Prominent Moth
Heterocampa varia Walker, 1855

New York State Distribution [-]
This species is restricted to Long Island, where it is documented from the dwarf pine barrens.

Global Distribution [-]
This species was historically known to be present from Martha's Vineyard, off Massachusetts (F.M. Jones specimens, University of Delaware) and is known to be present in Nantucket (Mark Mello in 2004); eastern Long Island, New York; the New Jersey pine barrens from about Lakehurst south to northern Atlantic County; part of the Maurice River ultraxeric sand system in Cumberland County, New Jersey; and a few localities in the southeastern and sandhills regions of North Carolina. At least historically it was also present farther south in South Carolina (McClellanville) and supposedly in Atlanta, Georgia (Dyar 1921). The latter more likely came from sand hill areas to the southeast of Atlanta. This species is not expected in Delaware, Maryland, or probably Virginia now, although it probably did occur in southeastern Virginia originally. It is often falsely reported from Florida (NatureServe 2010).