New York Natural Heritage Program
Plain Schizura
Schizura apicalis (Grote and Robinson, 1866)

Habitat [-]
Precise habitat needs of plain Schizura are unknown, but it's likely sandy pine barrens at the northern limits of the range. In New York, this species was found between either maritime dunes and maritime heathland or maritime heathland and sea level fen.

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Maritime dunes*
    A community dominated by grasses and low shrubs that occurs on active and stabilized dunes along the Atlantic coast. The composition and structure of the vegetation is variable depending on stability of the dunes, amounts of sand deposition and erosion, and distance from the ocean.

    * probable association but not confirmed
  • Maritime heathland*
    A dwarf shrubland community that occurs on rolling outwash plains and moraine of the glaciated portion of the Atlantic coastal plain, near the ocean and within the influence of onshore winds and salt spray.

    * probable association but not confirmed