New York Natural Heritage Program
Plain Schizura
Schizura apicalis (Grote and Robinson, 1866)

New York State Distribution [-]
There is one known occurrence in Suffolk County on Long Island.

Global Distribution [-]
This moth occurred in scattered areas from southern Maine to Wisconsin and southward, including parts of Nebraska and Kansas, to Texas and Florida, but is now very rare to historical in the eastern part of its range, except on the immediate New England coast and off-shore islands. Curiously, there is no evidence this species ever (1880-2007) occurred regularly in the New Jersey Pine Barrens where there are only two 1950s specimens; one from the northern fringe and the other labeled merely "Ocean County", so possibly not even from the barrens. In the Midwest, populations have recently been found in the Wisconsin pine barrens (Ferge and Balogh 2000) and at four places in Kentucky (Covell 1999).
Best Places to See
• Napeague State Park (Suffolk County)