New York Natural Heritage Program
Pine Barrens Zanclognatha
Zanclognatha martha Barnes, 1928

Threats [-]
Some of the habitat is protected, but other sites are vulnerable to development. Wildfires, as well as fire suppression, could also be threats.

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
The habitat for this species is generally fire maintained, but refugia (unburned patches) are always needed since fires consume the litter where all stages apparently occur. This species may prefer less recently burned areas and therefore require more shaded places than most barrens moths.

Research Needs [-]
The precise habitat and food needs are still not well understood. The habitats in Clinton County where this species is reported to occur are very atypical and they are well outside the known range of the species (Dale Schweitzer). Therefore, the identity of the northernmost specimens from Clinton County should be re-verified, as these may be a more northern unnamed species such as the one that passes for Zanclognatha martha in Wisconsin.