New York Natural Heritage Program
Pine Barrens Zanclognatha
Zanclognatha martha Barnes, 1928

New York State Distribution [-]
This species occurs from Albany southward, but has not been documented on Long Island. Additional habitat where the species has not been verified is in the Saratoga and Glens Falls sand plains. Some specimens have been identified as this species from farther north (Clinton County), but these should be re-verified. This species would be expected on higher ridgetop pitch pine stands in southeastern New York because it occurs in such babitats in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Global Distribution [-]
This species widely occurs in the Pinelands portion of southern New Jersey, and also locally in inland (not coastal) sand plain pine barrens of New York and New England, north to central New Hampshire and southern Maine, also in eastern Pennsylvania (with pitch pine, but the habitat is varied), southern Ohio, and in the mountains from Virginia to northern Georgia and probably Tennessee. It may occur sometimes with other species of pine in mountains. As far as it is known, various specimens from beyond this range to the north and west have all proven to be members of the Zanclognatha protumnusalis complex. Reports from Wisconsin (and possibly Clinton County in northernmost New York) apparently refer to an unnamed similarly sized, differently colored, earlier flying species.
Best Places to See
• The Albany Pine Bush (Albany County)