New York Natural Heritage Program
Two-striped Cord Grass Moth
Macrochilo bivittata (Grote, 1877)

Habitat [-]
The habitat is not entirely understood in New York or globally, other than that this is generally a wetland species. In Wisconsin, where the species is widespread, it is reported as characteristic of wetlands in general, but is not specifically mentioned for bogs or wet prairies (Ferge and Balogh 2000). In Ohio, the only known locality is a fen. It is also a wetland species in Quebec (Handfield 1999). From the general range and habitat information, it does seem likely this species is found mostly in circumneutral to slightly alkaline wetlands rather than acidic wetlands. It is probably associated with a particular grass or large sedge.

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Pitch pine-oak forest
    A mixed forest that typically occurs on well-drained, sandy soils of glacial outwash plains or moraines; it also occurs on thin, rocky soils of ridgetops. The dominant trees are pitch pine mixed with one or more of the following oaks: scarlet oak, white oak, red oak, or black oak.
  • Pitch pine-scrub oak barrens
    A shrub-savanna community that occurs on well-drained, sandy soils that have developed on sand dunes, glacial till, and outwash plains.