New York Natural Heritage Program
Two-striped Cord Grass Moth
Macrochilo bivittata (Grote, 1877)

New York State Distribution [-]
A specimen was collected in 1877 at Evans Center, near Buffalo, New York and this is nearly the southernmost record for this species. Otherwise, it has been collected in New York in Albany County where there is more than one occurrence. This is a species of northern wetlands and it could turn up in the Adirondack-Lake George region. The absence of any specimens from the well-collected Ithaca area and from Vermont is noteworthy.

Global Distribution [-]
This species occurs from New Brunswick to Manitoba and south into the northern tier of the United States, especially Maine and Wisconsin. The range extends farther south near Lake Erie into northern Ohio and southwestern New York). It may have been less rare in the past. Most historical records are from Maine and Ontario, with modern United States records mostly from Wisconsin (Ferge and Balogh 2000) and New York (Tim McCabe, New York State Museum). It is uncertain how many Quebec records are recent. There is only one current site in Ohio, according to Rings et al. (1992), and the species has not been found in Vermont.