New York Natural Heritage Program
Black-eyed Zale
Zale curema (Smith, 1908)

New York State Distribution [-]
Recent records for this species are from the Shawangunk Ridge and the Albany Pine Bush. It should also occur on Long Island, since Cape Cod area and eastern Pennsylvania are major strongholds. Forbes (1954) indicates that this species was present in central New York, but these specimens should be verified.

Global Distribution [-]
This species is somewhat common in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts. Otherwise, it is found scattered in major northern pitch pine (Pinus rigida) areas including Concord, New Hampshire, Albany, New York, potentially on Long Island, New York, formerly eastern Connecticut, potentially Rhode Island, and the Poconos and Chester County barrens of Pennsylvania. A single record for Rockridge County, Virginia and historical records for Tryon and Raleigh, North Carolina suggest a potentially wide range in the undercollected southern Appalachians. It also occurs extremely rarely along the western edges of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, but so rarely and at such long intervals as to raise the question of whether it is really established there. Perhaps it merely gets temporarily established in this enormous expanse of seemingly perfect habitat, but cannot withstand the warmer climate there. There are numerous false records in the literature, as this species is sometimes confused with Zale confusa and Zale helata.