New York Natural Heritage Program
A Zale Moth
Zale largera (Smith, 1908)

Habitat [-]
The food plant for Zale largera is jack pine (Pinus banksiana). This species is known from one jack pine barrens in the state. At this particular site the canopy is composed of jack and pitch pine and there are numerous small perched boggy wetlands scattered throughout the barrens. There is much exposed sandstone bedrock and a layer of eracinous shrubs and sparse grasses.

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Sandstone pavement barrens
    An open canopy woodland that occurs on very shallow soils over sandstone bedrock; this community is best developed where the bedrock is nearly level, thus forming a pavement. The best developed examples are found on Potsdam Sandstone in Clinton County. Large examples often include wetlands, such as perched bogs and inland poor fens.

Associated Species [-]
  • A Geometrid Moth (Semiothisa banksianae)