New York Natural Heritage Program
Pine Barrens Zale
Zale lunifera (Hübner, 1818)
Kingdom: Animalia

      Phylum: Mandibulates (Mandibulata)

           Class: Insects (Insecta)

                Order: Butterflies, Skippers, and Moths (Lepidoptera)

                     Family: (Erebidae)

Comments on the Classification [-]
This species is illustrated in Field Guide to the Moths (as Zale lunifera). Compare this figure to Holland's (1903) illustration of the actual Z. lunifera (XXXVII:17) (NatureServe 2010). Alternatively, Schmidt (2010) believes that Z. intenta (Walker), stat. rev., is the species formerly called Z. lunifera and that Z. lunifera is the species sometimes referred to as Z. sp. 1 nr. lunifera.