New York Natural Heritage Program
Herodias or Pine Barrens Underwing
Catocala herodias gerhardi Barnes and Benjamin, 1927

New York State Distribution [-]
This underwing was at least formerly widespread on Long Island and probably still occurs in most extensive pitch pine-scrub oak communities in Suffolk County. This species has been documented in Orange County, although it probably does not occur on many sites on the mainland, but it could turn up in a few more nearby counties.

Global Distribution [-]
This moth is found mostly in four main areas: the Cape Cod region and adjacent islands of Massachusetts, the Long Island, New York pine barrens, the core of the New Jersey Pine Barrens in Ocean, Burlington, and extreme northern Atlantic Counties (one specimen from Cape May County), and in the mountains from eastern West Virginia to far western North Carolina. Isolated populations are known on two ridgetops in Berkshire County, Massachusetts (Wagner 1998, McCabe 1998) and at least one such ridgetop in the lower Hudson Valley, New York. The extent and continuity of the Appalachian range is unknown. There is a gap in the range across Pennsylvania, but the species could turn up in the shale barrens areas of southcentral Pennsylvania and adjacent Maryland.