New York Natural Heritage Program
Bird Dropping Moth
Cerma cora Hübner, 1818

New York State Distribution [-]
Historical locations exist from Horseheads and Ithaca, New York and the species is extant in the Albany Pine Bush. The foodplant, Fire Cherry (Prunus pensylvanica), is widespread and although a large majority of stands of this tree are undoubtedly unoccupied, populations of this moth could turn up elsewhere.

Global Distribution [-]
The entire global range is not well known. This is primarily a southern species in the United States, even though most specimens come from well collected northern areas. The general range is from southern Canada south to Florida and Texas, but it is absent in large parts of this area (e.g., apparently most of southern New England, historical in Massachusetts, and southern New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, most of Ohio (one pre-1900 occurrence) and most or all of West Virginia and Virginia). It is also absent, especially northward, from the majority of seemingly suitable habitats even in states where it is present. In addition, most states with any known localities have very few populations. Other than Wisconsin, there are probably no states with more than five known recent occurrences.