New York Natural Heritage Program
Barrens Dagger Moth
Acronicta albarufa Grote, 1874

New York State Distribution [-]
The species has been found in the Albany Pine Bush and on Long Island. It could possibly turn up in the Buffalo region in sandy oak woods. The best current information suggests that this could be restricted to a limited part of Long Island. The nearest occurrences outside of New York are in the Grand Bend-Port Franks region of Ontario, Canada where this moth is quite rare, and in southeastern Massachusetts and southern New Jersey with several extant occurrences each, and at least one occurrence in North Carolina.

Global Distribution [-]
This species is historically scattered from Massachusetts to Manitoba to North Carolina, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico. It is extant in Missouri (apparently still widespread), southern Ontario (one site), Massachusetts (about three sites), Virginia (one specimen out of habitat), Long Island, New York, southern New Jersey (three known sites, more likely exist), and in eastern North Carolina. It is apparently extirpated, or at least historical, from some states such as Connecticut (formerly widespread), Pennsylvania, and mainland New York. There is no current information for Manitoba, Oklahoma, Colorado, or New Mexico. There are enormous gaps in the known range, such as one including most of Pennsylvania, all of Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Therefore, the historical range might be better stated as Massachusetts and eastern New York to eastern North Carolina, and Missouri to New Mexico, with isolated populations in Ontario (on Lake Huron) and in Manitoba.