New York Natural Heritage Program
A Noctuid Moth
Chytonix sensilis Grote, 1881
Kingdom: Animalia

      Phylum: Mandibulates (Mandibulata)

           Class: Insects (Insecta)

                Order: Butterflies, Skippers, and Moths (Lepidoptera)

                     Family: Owlet Moths (Noctuidae)

Comments on the Classification [-]
There is disagreement among experts as to whether Chytonix ruperti is a synonym (or subspecies) of Chytonix sensilis or a separate species, as was originally proposed. Much of this confusion stems from the failure to recognize that Ontario, Wisconsin, most of Michigan, and northern Ohio populations are referable to Chytonix ruperti, as is suggested by the ranges given by Forbes (1954). The differences in wing characters are quite minor (see Forbes 1954), but do seem consistent at least in Ontario and Wisconsin. The genitalia difference is also quite minor and it is unknown whether this is consistent or not. If these in fact are separate species, it is possible some recent New York records would refer to Chytonix ruperti, but those from the Albany area and all recent specimens from Long Island are normal Chytonix sensilis.