New York Natural Heritage Program
Marsh Fern Moth
Fagitana littera (Guenée, 1852)

New York State Distribution [-]
The species is probably still widespread on Long Island, with several collections since 2000. There is also one collection in Westchester County in 2007 and one in Columbia County in 1989. It is presumably also still present in the Adirondack region, but the details are unavailable. This species has not turned up recently in Albany County where it was known historically. Leonard (1926) also had records for Rye, Poughkeepsie, and the "Adirondacks". Since this species occurs in the Great Lakes region, it could also turn up in western New York.

Global Distribution [-]
This is primarily a coastal species from Nova Scotia to central Florida, but it does extend inland across southern parts of Quebec and Ontario to Wisconsin, mostly in the Great Lakes region, but also including northwestern New Jersey, southeastern New York, and the Adirondacks. F. littera is apparently not known from central or western New York or Pennsylvania.